What can we learn from popular culture?

There’s a lot going on in popular culture that we can learn from and apply to our businesses and every day lives. The juiciest rumor report from Angela Yee can spark an idea for a business plan. Take a look at the current events happening in popular culture that we can learn from:

1. Yasmen Eleby, 40 Marries Herself As bizarre as that sounds, it is true! Yasmen made a promise that if she wasn’t married by 40, she would marry herself, and she did. So what, if anything can we learn here? If you have a dream that no one believes in,  set a goal, grab it by the reigns and make it happen by yourself.

2.  Paul McCartney teams up with Kanye, then Kanye AND Rihanna How cool is this? The lesson here is simple: think outside of the box. Are there avenues you haven’t thought of? Possible collaborations that seem impossible? You won’t know what you’re capable of unless you dream big and aren’t afraid to fail.

45Seconds – Rihanna ft. Paul McCartney and Kanye West

Only One – Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney

3. Kobe Bryant out for the season due to rotator cuff injury Kobe Bryant has been a victim of injury for the last two seasons. Let’s be clear, I respect Kobe as a ball player, but we all got to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. In Seth Godin’s The Dip, he teaches us when to quit; but quitting isn’t quitting if you do it right. What can we learn from Mr. Bryant? Know when it is your time to quit and do so gracefully by starting a new venture or adding a new element to your business model.

Who knew we could learn so much from popular culture!? Everything around you is a learning opportunity. Cease it.

What are some other happenings in popular culture we can learn from? Comment below.

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