Crisis PR: Krispy Kreme KKK Wednesday

Krispy Kreme UK is in the middle of a PR fire storm with their recent campaign titled KKK Wednesday’s.

Apparently KKK stands for Krispy Kreme Klub and was intended to be a day for customers to come into the store and decorate donuts.

Remember, when creating PR campaigns:

1. Be mindful of how the campaign would impact others. Avoid any puns about religion, race, sexual orientation or politics. All are sensitive subjects and can be seen as offensive to some groups of people.

2. Avoid using words/phrases with negative connotations. Of course we all want to change the world and get rid of the negative. However, it takes time. It is difficult to take something like KKK and turn it into a positive, especially with all of the recent happenings in the news.

Example: Draya Michele has a clothing line named Fine Ass Girls which – we can see the obvious acronym there.

3. Keep it classy. Using offensive language should also not be a part of your PR campaign. You have to be clever and witty, yet you don’t want to offend your grandma. When creating a campaign ask yourself: Would my grandmother be OK with this as well as my target audience?

4. If you make a mess, clean it up and FAST! We can’t knock the fact the company cleaned up their mess fairly quickly by releasing a statement. At least they took full ownership and didn’t sit on it like some companies we know. *cough* BP *cough*

Nice try, Krispy Kreme. Better luck next time.

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