Popular brand in deep for fat-shaming photos

Yesterday I was filled with an overwhelming amount of positivity for sharing my story about my jean purchase from Lane Bryant. Even Lane Bryant saw my picture which really made me feel great.

Today I took a step back as I see Twitter users tweet about the popular Lilly Pultizer company under fire for fat shaming. Their excuse? It was an employees personal workspace. 

This makes me wonder: How important is company culture? Do companies take company culture seriously?

It is important to make all of your employees feel comfortable in the workplace. I have personally worked in environments where I felt I didn’t fit in with the company culture and it had an impact on my work ethic and my overall happiness at the job.

How can we make sure our company’s culture is a reflection of all employees? Simple: Ask your employees what they want the culture to look like!

It is important for staff to have an understanding of one another. They don’t have to be best friends, but they do have to respect one another and their differences.

Staff retreats or staff outings is a great way to be sure employees are interacting and communicating well with one another.

I know a lot of ladies who were ecstatic when Lilly Pulitzer hit Target stores and I even had a thought to try out some of her items. Not sure how I feel about that now.

With Lilly Pulitzer being as big of a brand as it is, those loyal consumers will probably still stick around despite this incident. I’m curious to see how the company recovers from this – if that all. With so many body positive campaigns coming from big brands like Lane Bryant, Dove and Always, it seems nearly impossible. 

What are your thoughts? Should employers have more control of what employees put in their personal work space? Comment below. 

Check out the full story here: Lilly Pulitzer under fire for fat shaming photos.

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