3 Simple Ways to Increase Customer Retention

So many times businesses experience dealings with one time buyers and wonder why they never come back. As I’ve said before, if you want loyal consumers, you have to acknowledge them and make them feel a part of the brand.

Recently I purchased a crew neck from Pockets Are Everything by Kay Dupree and received a hand-written personalized thank you note. This was shocking to me because I have never experienced this before but I will definitely make another purchase because of it.

As a small business, customer retention should be a vital part of your business plan. Without customers, our businesses will fall flat.

Here are three simple ways to increase customer retention:

  1. Send a ‘thank you’ note: As I mentioned, a ‘thank you’ note can go a long way. Sure this may take a little extra time but the result could be great for your business and not only produce a returning customer, but even a referral.
  2. Follow-up: After the order comes through and you ship it off, do you ever think about it again? Probably not! After about a week or so, personally reach out to the customer by phone and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know what your customer’s like and get feedback or a review.
  3. Acknowledge them on social media: Sure it may be a little hard to shout out every person that purchases from your business. But how difficult would it be to do a customer of the week on your social platforms? Simple showcase a customer with their purchase and give them a shout out. This too can turn into referrals as the customer is bound to share your post.

These three simple things are a great business practice moving forward to increase customer retention. Taking a little extra time to acknowledge your consumers can go a long way.

Know any other ways to build customer retention? Comment below.

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