3 Things I Will Never Do In 2016

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve graduated college and nearly six years since I’ve began doing free-freelance work for people upon request. Initially this was a way for me to gain experience in the industry as well as build my portfolio but it quickly became a burden because I didn’t know my worth.

While I believe there is always room for me to continuously improve my strengths and battle my weaknesses, moving forward into this new year, there are a few things I will never do again.

I am never working for free (unless it is for charity/cause purposes).

I’ve had about ten internships since my freshmen year of college and was only paid ONCE by my senior year. I have also done many free-freelance jobs and received nothing. Some people did not even bother to credit me for the work I had done on their sites or in their publications.

Why am I never working for free again?Because I’ve earned the right to say no!

Please don’t mistake compensation as currency. There are many ways for businesses to pay freelancers for work other than currency.

Your job as the freelancer is to deliver but to also demand your wants. You were asked to do the job for some reason, right? 

I am never underestimating my abilities to deliver.

The reason why I took so much free work was because I was not truly confident in myself and the job at hand. Once I actually took on the job I then realized I had once again psyched myself out.

Moving forward I will never doubt myself or the work I am able to do and you shouldn’t either.

You’ve worked so hard to perfect your craft, never let anyone make you feel like your work is not good enough.

I will always stand up for myself.

Numerous times I’ve found myself in situations where I feel I am being manipulated or used. Each time it was hard for me to stand up for myself and demand changes to my work environment or situations.

In 2016 I vow to never allow myself to be taken advantage of as my passion and work deserve to be taken seriously. In the event that it is not, I will always remove myself.

These vows are not about feeling or being entitled to anything. It is about believing in myself and demanding the respect I deserve as a business owner.

I challenge every small business owner and aspiring entrepreneur to set the baseline for what you will and will not tolerate and never lose sight of that in the new year!

Do you have 2016 business goals? Share them below!

2016 business goals

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