Is Email Marketing Worth The Hassle?

If you think email marketing is old school, then you are sadly mistaken. With 85% of the world’s population utilizing email, your company can’t afford to omit this tactic from your marketing plan.

Why is email marketing so effective?

Unlike social media or organic search, you don’t have to think about keywords to determine how you reach your audience. This is your direct line to your customers and potential clients.

For every dollar you spend on email marketing, your average return on investment is $38. Making email marketing essentially pay for itself.

How can you increase your ROI?

There are many things you can do to increase your return on investment with your email campaigns.

To get yourself started, follow these three steps:

1. Segment Your List
This is the best way to create targeted messages for each group your customers fit into. If you have customers with home insurance, but no auto, create a list that reflect thats. Going even further, it makes it easier to send cross-sell campaigns in the future.

2. Plan Ahead
If you really want to be tactical, plan your email campaigns ahead of time. Sending renewal campaigns, or tips for how to prepare your home for different seasons, allows you to stay top of mind to customers and ahead of the competition.

3. Get Customer Feedback
Ask your customers what they would like to see with your email campaigns. Find out what topics they want to learn more about and create the content they want to see.

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