How to obtain and keep a good list

Other than having quality content, having a quality email distribution list is one of the most important aspects of any email marketing campaign strategy. Your email list will impact who opens your emails, if anyone, and the integrity of your business.

Active clients
Active clients should be the first people you add to your email distribution list. If you have someone who often likes, comments, or shares your post on social media, it is likely they will read and engage with your email campaigns.

Keep list current and up-to-date
Your email list should always remain current. If you write new policies, keep note of this and at the end of every month, add these people to your distribution list. Since they are new to your agency, they will be most likely to open and engage with your emails.

Keep it clean
Just as you should add new customers, you need to remove clients you no longer work with. Not only does this avoid these people marking you as spam, it can increase your engagement and open percentage by removing people who are ignoring your emails.

Segment lists
A list segmented into different policies such as personal lines and commercial, allows you send targeted messages to a specific group of people. You can go even further and create a list of home insurance policy holders who don’t have auto insurance and create cross sell campaigns.

Things to avoid:

  • Buying email list: These people don’t know you and more than likely don’t care to.
  • Prospect list: Before you blast out an email campaign to a list of prospects, be sure these people know who you are and are aware you will be sending emails. This list should also be current and have legitimate email addresses.
  • Over selling to current clients: While it is great to have your list segmented so you can cross sell to current clients. Be mindful of how often you are sending cross sell campaigns. Overselling to your current book of business could cause them to ignore or unsubscribe from your mailing list.

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