The harsh reality of owning a business 

We all want to be a Cinderella story. The business that booms with overnight success and millions of happy clientele. 

Throughout the years I have worked with many different people but they all have the same goal in mind: to be #1. Whether that means ranking #1 or being the best at wherever their craft may be. 

The harsh reality of owning a business is that it never works that way. But here’s what you can do in the meantime:

Be realistic

If you have a brand new website with a brand new domain, you will not rank #1 on Google tomorrow. It’s impossible. It’s great to set high standards for yourself but you should also set realistic goals.

Money can’t buy success

Sure money helps your business significantly, but throwing money at your problems won’t fix it. When facing an issue with your business, think about how you can restructure your goals versus how much money you can spare for a temporary fix.

Invest in yourself

No matter your industry, if you’re not constantly surrounding yourself with like minded people then you’re already losing. Don’t get too comfortable with your own knowledge. Join networking groups and organizations that relate to your business to expand your mind. 

Be patient

Remember, for most of us it won’t happen overnight. You have to keep your goals in mind and continue to work hard. 

As a business owner myself, I still struggle to accept that I will not be the #1 marketing agency for small and women owned businesses tomorrow. However, I understand that with hardwork, patience, and the willingness to invest in myself, there’s no telling where I will be years from now!

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