To boost, or not to boost?

To boost, or not to boost? That is the question.

Whether it’s a page or a post, boosting on Facebook and Instagram can help you reach a greater audience, increase likes on your page, or encourage people to take some sort of action.

Before you decide to boost, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Who is my target audience?

This is the first and most important question you need to ask yourself. If you’re unsure, don’t spend money advertising to people who will not be interested in your product or service. Take the time to think about who you want to reach and come up with a campaign to reach those people. 

What am I going to boost?

You’re able to boost pages as well as posts you make. Be sure you follow all the boosting guidelines to ensure a successful campaign.

Why do I want to boost?

What are you hoping the end result will be? Are you looking for engagement or are you looking for reach and impressions. Understand the difference between those things and create a campaign that will give you the desired end result. 

How will I measure success? And then what?

Again, are you hoping to have 100 views or 100 likes? Once your campaign has ended, what do you plan on doing with that data? You should have your next steps prepared before the campaign has ended to keep the momentum going. 

Boosting is a simple and cost efficient way to increase brand awareness. If you think strategically and understand your goals clearly, you can run a successful campaign that will give you the desired outcome.

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