#BlkWomeninBiz: Kyshira Moffett, MBA

Kyshira Moffett, MBA, is truly a Bombshell of All Trades. She is a Brand Strategist, Blogger, Speaker, and the mastermind behind HERmovement, Bombshell Biz Society, and Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics. Chicago native, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA, and graduate of Hampton University, Kyshira seeks to empower busy bombshells, like herself, that are ready to take on the world; plus, she has the resume to back it up.

Believe it or not, Kyshira did not always want to be an entrepreneur. Her goal was to climb the corporate ladder and become the Chief Diversity Officer of a global corporation. She began her career in a Human Resources Leadership Development Program for a financial institution and genuinely enjoyed her job. However, the more she explored her side hustle, the more she fell in love with stepping out and pursuing her own business.

Her first venture was KSM Career Consulting where she offered resume writing services, LinkedIn profile assistance, cover letters, and preparation for interviews. Entrepreneurs began to seek her out for LinkedIn assistance and gradually began to ask for help with their overall brand. That is where the evolution of her business began. In 2016, she rebranded to what we all know today as the KSM Group.

In the beginning, Kyshira did minimal marketing because referrals and word of mouth was how she kept a steady book of clients. She had a friend design a blog, she added her services to it, and didn’t have set prices for new clients. Later, she got serious about her business and developed a business plan from scratch. This is what has helped take her business to the next level. So much so, that she has added it to her site for other women to use and to do the same. Click here to access the Bombshell Business Plan.

Thanks to the success of the KSM Group, which now offers brand strategy services to creatives and freelancers, Kyshira has been able to explore more of her passions. One of which was to create her own makeup line. Life of a Bombshell provides lipsticks, liquid mattes, eyeshadow, and even cute, but necessary, accessories. Within the first year of the launch, Life of a Bombshell is already receiving worldwide recognition through the press with companies like Essence Magazine.

“The hardest moments honestly all have centered around doubt. Business is hard. Everyday won’t be a good day. Every product won’t sale. It’s important during these times to not let the spirt of doubt creep in. I’ve learned how to deal with disappointment and keep moving. The saying “it’s always darkest before light” is so true. Too many people give up before the breakthrough! Another thing I’ve learned the hard way is the importance of self-care. PLEASE take care of yourself. Get enough rest, drink water, exercise and make time for fun! You’re no good to anyone if you’re drained and burned out.”

Organization is vital for Kyshira to manage multiple businesses. She typically plans for every quarter, and tries to prevent herself from making real-time decisions – other than emergencies. She utilizes content scheduling tools like Buffer, email marketing tools, and accounting tools.

Kyshira loves being able to show other people who look like her, that they can reach their greatest potential.

“There is no better feeling in the world than empowering another black woman to own her power.”

Her word of advice to other women who want to start a business…or three: “Feel the fear and launch it anyway.”

Kyshira, thank you for being amongst our tribe of #BlkWomeninBiz! Your hustle is truly motivating and I can’t wait to watch you take over the world!

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