#BlkWomeninBiz: Sierra Thomas

Sierra was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio and has known she wanted to own a business since she was a young girl. Growing up she always had the passion for entrepreneurship and at age 11, worked on the weekends with her grandfather in his network marketing business. In 2010, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Youngstown State University, and obtained her MBA from Franklin University in 2012.

Throughout her time working in Corporate America, she developed her skills in accounting and problem solving, and realized her gift in numbers, was her calling to create her own solution to helping people: Touché Financial Solutions, LLC.

sierraTouché Financial Solutions, LLC helps new and established businesses create accounting systems tailored to the scope of their business needs and operations. Sierra’s business philosophy is to support, educate, and mentor both her personal, and business clients.

Touché Financial Solutions, LLC offers a variety of services including financial assessments, budget analyses, and strategic planning. For individuals, her company will work with you to reach your personal goals, and get your finances back on track.

Sierra makes it a point to continuously provide support and education to her clients through her Tax Tip Tuesday’s and Tax Tip Thursday’s, in addition to hosting in-person events, and speaking engagements – like her upcoming mini training at Respect the Hustle: Taxes and Brunch.

Don’t be fooled by the success Sierra has had. She most certainly put blood, sweat, and tears behind building her business. There were times that she felt “in over her head” and believed that no one supported her vision. Through the power of prayer and trusting God, she was able to push through. Thankfully she also got an accountability partner, and has been able to build a network of entrepreneurs within her field.

When asked if being a black woman in business held any special meaning for her, Sierra responded:

Absolutely! It is a great honor and privilege to not only be an African-American business owner, but an African American Accountant. The business industry has always been a Caucasian- male dominate industry and now women, especially African-American women are breaking through that glass ceiling. I am so proud to be apart of this monumental movement!

Sierra is truly passionate about her business, and the businesses she gets to support on a daily basis. In regards to other African American Accountants considering starting their own business, she encourages you all to “go for it!”

Never limit yourself because someone else has a similar idea. God created you and no one can do what you do, like you do it!

Sierra, thank you for trusting in your purpose and choosing to push through! Thank you for being amongst the resilient #BlkWomeinBiz.

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