5 Ways to Prepare for Holiday Sales

We’re in crunch mode!

Time is running out for you to put a plan together for the holidays. If you still haven’t taken time to think about this, you’re honestly super behind. However, you can still save face if you do these 5 things…

1. Decide what your offer will be.

If you plan to run sales or promotions for the holidays, make a decision TODAY on what those offers will be. You should also put together contingency plans.

I’ll explain…

Every major retail company has a plan A, B, C, D, E….you see where I’m going? These plans depend on YOU (the customer) and your buying habits.

Plan A: This is the first promotion plan that you will want to establish. It could be a percentage off or a free gift with purchase.

Plan B: This is the plan you would implement if you ran out of the gift with purchase or if you have too many sales, or not enough sales, in plan A.

Decide today on your promo plans, and don’t forget about the backup plans.

2. Start with your best offer.
You should always start the weekend with your best offer. That way, people who jump on your Black Friday deals, won’t feel bad if your Cyber Monday sales are better. Since we’re still small businesses, we want to avoid as much negative feedback from customers as possible.

3. Prep your email and social media campaigns.

If you have contingency plans, you don’t want to schedule any emails or social posts during this week to prevent accidentally posting the wrong sale. However, you should prep all emails and social media posts for this week so you’re ready to pull the trigger when it’s time!

4. Focus on your tribe.

As soon as we hit Thanksgiving week, you are going to see MULTIPLE posts about Black Friday sales, and even more emails about it. Don’t become discouraged by this. Instead, focus on your supporters and don’t worry about necessarily inquiring new customers during this time.

5. Prep your teams.

Take a look at your sales last year around this time and try to forecast what you might pull in sales and production in 2019. If you’re a one man band, think about how you handled things on your own last year and decide if it’s time to outsource some parts of business until after Christmas. If you have a team, start having real conversations about who is in charge of what aspects of business and ensure everyone is locked and loaded.

Please keep in mind your “team” is not just employees. If you have a products, this also includes your production teams! If you outsource production, give them a heads up that your order volume will double or triple during this time of year.

Feeling ready to conquer the holidays? You’ve got this! As always, if you need me, you know where to find me…

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