2020 Holiday Sales: What You Need to Know

Let’s cut to the chase, …

The holiday season is coming and businesses throughout the country are preparing to start their sales EARLY. Despite what is going on in the world, experts are predicting that Black Friday sales this year will spike 1%-1.5%. This may sound small, but those little percentages total out to about $1.147 trillion to $1.152 trillion during the November-to-January time frame.

Finances are limited to many American families, which means people are going to be very particular about who they shop with, so you need to have a game plan in place to win their dollars over.

This month you can expect to see deals coming up with Amazon Prime Day (October 13th to October 14th) and Best Buy. And yes, both companies are still planning to run promotions through Thanksgiving Weekend.

So what does that mean for small businesses?

1. You need to decide NOW if you’re planning to participate in sales for Thanksgiving weekend.
2. You should create contingency plans, in the event that you will need to pivot any promotions due to shipping issues, selling out of inventory, or being unable to restock in time for the holidays.
3. You need to come up with a complete marketing strategy for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

PLEASE NOTE: For the last 3 years, Instagram has shut down on Thanksgiving due to the excessive amount of users on the app at the same time. PLEASE do not let social media be your only source of holiday sale promotion.

If you’re feeling anxious, relax. The best part about being a small business is that we are agile. We don’t have to go through corporate loops to get things done. But that does not mean we should procrastinate. Let’s come up with a plan to execute successfully!

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