Email Marketing Best Practices

What does your email list look like—and how did you assemble it? If you’re like many people, there wasn’t any plan to your email assembly: You got emails, you gathered them together, and you used them to try to sell products and services. Now, you send random emails at specific (or non-specific) times to try to generate excitement or gain new followers.

But you can do better—and your email recipients deserve better.

What they’re looking for isn’t a generic email that everyone gets. They want to feel as if the information they receive is information that is tailored just for them. In short, they want personalization. If they’re giving you an email, they should get something beneficial—not junk.

That may surprise you, but it’s one of the core tenants of best email practices. There are things you’re doing that may be sabotaging your use of email, instead of putting it to its best use. Follow this graphic to learn more.

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Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Create a Campaign from Scratch Infographic

Via Salesforce