‘Be Ventilated’ – It’s Story Time In the Marketing World

While brands across the board are constantly trying to tell a ‘story’ in their marketing efforts, not all of them can get it right.

Luckily for Reebok, they snagged Kendrick Lamar for a very cool ‘Be Ventilated’ commercial for their Ventilator OG shoe. Reebok, as most brands do, loves to partner with some of the hottest people in popular culture and Kendrick is definitely one of them.

Reebok has a history of helping kids in the community realize their potential is limitless. I saw what the brand was doing, and I wanted to be a part of it and make it even stronger. It’s as simple as that. Kids that listen to my music are looking for inspiration. It’s important that I continue that message in anything I represent,” said Lamar. (source: #ThisIsKendrick)

Three months ago Reebok and Kendrick Lamar created a short film directed by Anthony Mandler shot in the streets of Compton, CA that further tells the story of the new shoe and why he chose to be a part of the brand.

The trend we are beginning to notice with brands like Reebok, or what Powerade did a few months ago with Derrick Rose, is that brands are beginning to understand the art of storytelling.

Yes, brands have finally caught on that millennials don’t give a rats ass about a brand that they will never have an opportunity to be a part of. Millennials will not buy in if they cannot fit in. In order to grasp the youth you have to give them something to believe in. Those old traditional marketing tricks will no longer work.

This is why I proudly embrace the fact that my team and I are twenty-something year old entrepreneurs. We understand what the youth wants because we are a part of the culture. The youth will always win. Even when I’m in my 40’s I will have to understand that the youth will always control the tide. In order to stay relevant you have to stay with the times – and they are constantly changing.

Reebok, Powerade and Dick’s Sporting Goods in the last few years have caught on to the art of storytelling and recognize the wants of the youth which is why people buy into those brands. Sure, every brand that is generating revenue has a consumer buy-in of some sort. But a simple story can be told over and over again.

What do you think about Reebok’s partnership with Kendrick Lamar? Comment below or tweet us and give your opinion:

Ask The Interns – Coming Soon!

One addition to my life recently is that I want to try new things. I’ve decided at the start of each week I will find a new hobby, practice or research to participate in. At the beginning of this week, I felt it was only right to incorporate my new practice with TJE Communications’ innovative and interactive advancements.

With that being said, Intern Da’Twane Harris, President Billy Eakins and myself will be participating in weekly video blogs in which we will touch on our feelings and thoughts – which ladies, men do have – on topics like why the sky is blue to political and social current events, and virtually everything in between. This is also a way for us to fill you in and keep you up-to-date on the expansions and advancements of TJE Communications, LLC.

BUT, we can’t do this with out you!

To help keep the blogs relevant and appealing to you, as the now viewer, we want YOU to give US topics and situations to discuss! Tweet @tjecomm on twitter, or comment potential topics below! The video’s will be taped on weekends, and aired on Tuesdays, starting next week, April 14th.  With that being said, all topics will be taken and accepted by each Saturday, those topics posted after Saturday will be included on the following weeks blog.

I speak on behalf of everyone at TJE Communications, LLC, when I say we are excited to get you involved in a more interactive manner! We also look forward to reading your topic suggestions!

Remember, do something new! Happy Hump Day!

Dez stewart

Meet the Intern: Da’Twane Harris

I’m proud to announce that TJE Communications has snagged its second intern!

I would like you all to meet Da’Twane Harris! Da’Twane is currently a senior at Ohio Dominican University studying Communicatons. He is also a part of the Panther Activities Council and is an all conference corner on the football team.

Da’Twane is an aspiring magazine editor with dreams of entrepreneurship. He will be contributing to our blog and is co-creating with our intern, Dez, on an exciting new web series titled “Ask the Interns.” Stay tuned to our site for more information to come.

Once again, I am pleased to have Da’Twane a part of the team. Be on the lookout for his blog post this week!

Decision Making: Now or Later? The Dangers of Procrastination 

I  have two questions I would like you to ponder:

1. Are you guilty of saying, “I’ll do it in the morning!” when it comes to daunting tasks?

2. Out of the thousands of times you said you’d do it in the morning, did you actually do it?

I’m willing to bet your answers above were 1. Yes 2. No. And I’m sure you have some well thought out excuse as to why you could not get the said task done in the morning. Procrastination is a bad habit that we all possess and it could be dangerous to us in our every day lives.

Think back to a time where you procrastinated on a task you felt was tedious. A great example could be a class assignment. How many times did you find yourself up at 3am finishing an essay you knew about for months?

Procrastination happens in two stages:

1. The Build Up: Once you know about an assignment, you begin to prioritize its importance compared to all of the other things you have in your life that must be completed. During the build up, your window from when the assignment was given and to when it is due, begins to close. Then you will begin to experience stage two.

2. The Crash: This stage can make or break you. Here is where you experience the 3am paper writing to get the job done or you fail at completing the assignment and disregard it entirely. The longer the build up, the bigger the crash.

Prioritizing and decision making happens everyday on many different platforms. Whether it be in the classroom, in the office or on the field, a decision has to be made. Do I handle this now? Or later? The key is to actually handle it and in a timely fashion to avoid stress and potential failure.

There are multiple methods to avoiding the dangers of procrastination: use a calendar to keep track of when assignments/projects are due, schedule your time to work on said projects or create a to-do-list.

The point is, there are many ways to avoid procrastination but the trick is to find what works for you!

What are some ways you avoid procrastinating? Comment below and let us know!

What can we learn from the “Pretty on Fleek” drama?

It is no secret that I am a Barb but this post will remain unbiased.

Recently Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian got into a mild spat over the phrase Pretty on Fleek

Apparently Christina owns an online boutique that sells clothing with popular sayings on them. One of the recent shirts say Pretty On Fleek which is a line from Nicki’s song featuring Beyoncé titled Feeling Myself

Nicki made a joke about this by saying on her Instagram:

“Fleek by Onika – I saw Christina selling tshirts that say Pretty On Fleek, I was waiting on my percentage at the door! *tilts head*”

To be fair, Nicki did say Pretty on fleek on the track. However, the real person who is owed a percentage is the person who started this “On Fleek” era. 

What can learn from this?

The person who started “on Fleek” probably had no idea it would take off as fast and as far as it did. But, it did. 

Remember, the the lovely folks of social media don’t owe you homage. They can screen shot or imitate what you do and there is no guarantee you will always be credited for your work. Unless you own it. Then you can sue them.

For example: Ms. Ester Jones aka Baby Ester, African-American entertainer from the 1920’s, was known for her singing style that often included a “Boop oop a doop.” After Helen Kane imitated the style and called it her own, cartoonist Max Fleischer created the Betty Boop character. Kane tried to file a lawsuit against Fleischer only for the courts to decide that Kane was not the orginator of the Betty Boop style. Ester Jones died before she was able to receive any monies from the lawsuit that proved she was the original Betty Boop.

You have to protect yourself and your brand. I recently had a meeting with Keya Crenshaw, Founder and CEO of Black Chick Media, who informed me that copyright and trademark are two vital parts of a small business that most people forget about. It is true that it is an extensive and costly process, however, it’ll be all worth it in the end!

Have any copyright and trademark tips for entrepreneurs? Share with us so that we can inform our readers. 

Just a kid from Chicago | D. Rose & Powerade

“You see, you wouldn’t ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals. On the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity. We would all love its will to reach the sun.”

That is how the new Powerade commercial starts out featuring Derrick Rose and voice over by the late and great Tupac Shakur.

Rose has faced a lot of adversity over the last few seasons suffering injury after injury. Now that’s he’s out for the season, yet again, basketball fans are not happy and have been very verbal on social media.

Instead of laying low, Rose is rising to the occasion with his new ad campaign with Powerade #JustAKid.

How can we relate this to our businesses?

Let’s be honest, entrepreneurs can make a lot of mistakes. For those of us just starting out, like me, you’re probably making twice as many.

Derrick Rose is showing us that mistakes happen – some are preventable while others are not. You can have yourself a pity party or you can get up and try again. At least this time you know what doesn’t work.

We’re all just a kid with a dream. Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing it.

Check out the Powerade #JustAKid campaign below:

What Is the Right Thing to Say?

First things first. I must start this blog by saying that I am very thankful and pleased with the opportunity Tonnisha has provided me with! This is my first internship and I actually feel of importance to the company. In fact the only thing I knew about interns before this is the phrase, ‘in turn’…OK that was a corny joke. But seriously, I’m a rookie at this, and I appreciate her taking a chance with me.

I spent some time thinking about what my first blog post would entail. As I was brainstorming ideas, it just hit me! Instead of thinking about what I should say, I should think about what I shouldn’t say.

Many of you reading this might have just read that last sentence and said to yourself, ”Wait, what?”

Hear me out..

When it comes to verbal or written communication, the whole point is to have an impact on the audience. Whether you are a public speaker or a kid trying to convince his mom to let him have a cookie before dinner, your argument must be very convincing and memorable. To do this effectively, avoid focusing on saying the right thing, and shift focus on not saying the wrong thing.

See where I’m going with this?

Think about parallel parking. When parallel parking, you don’t focus on where the other cars are, you look at where they are not. This allows you to pinpoint just the exact angle to turn the wheel to safely park your car.

Still don’t get it?

It is impossible to focus on the car in front of you and behind you at the same time. If you tried, you would probably crash into one of them. By focusing on where the cars are not, you are giving yourself a better chance of parking successfully. Why? Because you are focusing on the opportunity of the open parking space more than the full spaces.

Every action on behalf of a company will have a positive or negative reaction. Often times we focus more on what everyone else is doing or saying and miss out on open opportunities to be innovative.

What is the right thing to say? Who knows! But what not to say is what everyone else is saying. Take advantage of open parking spots to fill. Here is where you will have the opportunity to create the new standard.

Hopefully, this post will be just as entertaining and intriguing to read, as it was to write! And of course – informative.

Until next time,

Dez, Media & Communications Intern

Crisis PR: Krispy Kreme KKK Wednesday

Krispy Kreme UK is in the middle of a PR fire storm with their recent campaign titled KKK Wednesday’s.

Apparently KKK stands for Krispy Kreme Klub and was intended to be a day for customers to come into the store and decorate donuts.

Remember, when creating PR campaigns:

1. Be mindful of how the campaign would impact others. Avoid any puns about religion, race, sexual orientation or politics. All are sensitive subjects and can be seen as offensive to some groups of people.

2. Avoid using words/phrases with negative connotations. Of course we all want to change the world and get rid of the negative. However, it takes time. It is difficult to take something like KKK and turn it into a positive, especially with all of the recent happenings in the news.

Example: Draya Michele has a clothing line named Fine Ass Girls which – we can see the obvious acronym there.

3. Keep it classy. Using offensive language should also not be a part of your PR campaign. You have to be clever and witty, yet you don’t want to offend your grandma. When creating a campaign ask yourself: Would my grandmother be OK with this as well as my target audience?

4. If you make a mess, clean it up and FAST! We can’t knock the fact the company cleaned up their mess fairly quickly by releasing a statement. At least they took full ownership and didn’t sit on it like some companies we know. *cough* BP *cough*

Nice try, Krispy Kreme. Better luck next time.

New Intern: Dez Stewart

That’s right! TJE Communications has snagged its first intern; Dez Stewart!

Dez is a junior at Ohio Dominican University studying Public Relations. He is also a starting wide receiver on the football team and has earned many accolades including Offensive Skill Player of the Year and First Team All GLIAC for the second time. Dez is also involved in the university’s Public Relations Student Society of America and the Panther Activities Council.

TJE Communications is proud to have Dez on board. He will be assisting with many aspects of the company including writing blogs. Be on the lookout for his posts right here on the site!

Welcome, Dez!