“Meet the Interns” Webisode 1 is here!

When Dez and Da’Twane came to me with this very cool idea, I knew they had struck gold!

“Meet the Interns” gives the chance for our readers (and now viewers) to interact with the interns. Dez and Da’Twane will be discussing current events in sports, music and politics on a weekly basis. 

What these two have created is a platform for the future interns of TJE Communications to be able to create, write and produce their own web series. I am so proud of Dez and Da’Twane and I am happy to present to you: “Meet the Interns” Webisode 1!


Ask The Interns – Coming Soon!

One addition to my life recently is that I want to try new things. I’ve decided at the start of each week I will find a new hobby, practice or research to participate in. At the beginning of this week, I felt it was only right to incorporate my new practice with TJE Communications’ innovative and interactive advancements.

With that being said, Intern Da’Twane Harris, President Billy Eakins and myself will be participating in weekly video blogs in which we will touch on our feelings and thoughts – which ladies, men do have – on topics like why the sky is blue to political and social current events, and virtually everything in between. This is also a way for us to fill you in and keep you up-to-date on the expansions and advancements of TJE Communications, LLC.

BUT, we can’t do this with out you!

To help keep the blogs relevant and appealing to you, as the now viewer, we want YOU to give US topics and situations to discuss! Tweet @tjecomm on twitter, or comment potential topics below! The video’s will be taped on weekends, and aired on Tuesdays, starting next week, April 14th.  With that being said, all topics will be taken and accepted by each Saturday, those topics posted after Saturday will be included on the following weeks blog.

I speak on behalf of everyone at TJE Communications, LLC, when I say we are excited to get you involved in a more interactive manner! We also look forward to reading your topic suggestions!

Remember, do something new! Happy Hump Day!

Dez stewart

Meet the Intern: Da’Twane Harris

I’m proud to announce that TJE Communications has snagged its second intern!

I would like you all to meet Da’Twane Harris! Da’Twane is currently a senior at Ohio Dominican University studying Communicatons. He is also a part of the Panther Activities Council and is an all conference corner on the football team.

Da’Twane is an aspiring magazine editor with dreams of entrepreneurship. He will be contributing to our blog and is co-creating with our intern, Dez, on an exciting new web series titled “Ask the Interns.” Stay tuned to our site for more information to come.

Once again, I am pleased to have Da’Twane a part of the team. Be on the lookout for his blog post this week!

Decision Making: Now or Later? The Dangers of Procrastination 

I  have two questions I would like you to ponder:

1. Are you guilty of saying, “I’ll do it in the morning!” when it comes to daunting tasks?

2. Out of the thousands of times you said you’d do it in the morning, did you actually do it?

I’m willing to bet your answers above were 1. Yes 2. No. And I’m sure you have some well thought out excuse as to why you could not get the said task done in the morning. Procrastination is a bad habit that we all possess and it could be dangerous to us in our every day lives.

Think back to a time where you procrastinated on a task you felt was tedious. A great example could be a class assignment. How many times did you find yourself up at 3am finishing an essay you knew about for months?

Procrastination happens in two stages:

1. The Build Up: Once you know about an assignment, you begin to prioritize its importance compared to all of the other things you have in your life that must be completed. During the build up, your window from when the assignment was given and to when it is due, begins to close. Then you will begin to experience stage two.

2. The Crash: This stage can make or break you. Here is where you experience the 3am paper writing to get the job done or you fail at completing the assignment and disregard it entirely. The longer the build up, the bigger the crash.

Prioritizing and decision making happens everyday on many different platforms. Whether it be in the classroom, in the office or on the field, a decision has to be made. Do I handle this now? Or later? The key is to actually handle it and in a timely fashion to avoid stress and potential failure.

There are multiple methods to avoiding the dangers of procrastination: use a calendar to keep track of when assignments/projects are due, schedule your time to work on said projects or create a to-do-list.

The point is, there are many ways to avoid procrastination but the trick is to find what works for you!

What are some ways you avoid procrastinating? Comment below and let us know!