Why Gabrielle Union Makes the Perfect Employee

Recently Gabrielle Union got into a mild twitter beef with Charles Barkley after he said that her hubby, Dwyane Wade, did not deserve to make the all-star team this year. Mrs. Wade defended her 11th time all-star spouse by simply telling Charles to “stop talking.”

On top of that, Dwyane was recently fined $15,000 for flipping the bird to a fan after he made a vulgar comment in regards to Gabrielle. In an interview with Angie Martinez, Gabrielle stated that she was happy he defended her and will even pay the fine for him.

So you’re wondering…how does of all this mean Gabrielle Union would make the perfect employee. 

Let me explain.



1. She is willing to defend the brand Gabrielle could have easily sat back and let Charles Barkley make his comment in peace. Instead, she stood up for her husband and added the fact that he is an 11th time all-star.

Having people on your team that are willing to defend the brand is essential. There is no way you can do it alone. A strong foundation and a strong team that believes in one another makes for successful outcomes.

2. She’ll even pay the fine Hubby was not pleased when a fan made inappropriate comments about Mrs. Wade. His bird flipping cost him $15,000 and Gabrielle’s reaction was a big smile. She even told Angie Martinez that she would pay that fine for him.

As a business owner, mistakes will be made and sometimes it will cost you. Luckily with an employee like Gabrielle, you’ll have someone that is willing to take the fall with you, regroup and keep pushing towards the goal.

3. She believes in the plan, not the band$ Upon getting married, Gabrielle and Dwyane signed a prenup. Why? Because Gabrielle married for love, not money.

Your employees should believe in your dream just as much as you do. Sure, we all are in business to make money. However, the payout of success should be worth more to your employees than their salary.

It is clear that Gabrielle’s loyalty and belief in the brand would make her the perfect employee. As I begin my own journey as an entrepreneur, I am seeking those who are loyal and willing to take the plunge right along with me. Sure, we may fail a few times before we get it right. But that’s what teammates are for!

What are your thoughts about Gabrielle’s spat with Charles? Comment below.