Super Bowl Commercials: Best and Worst

For every PR/marketing guru, the Super Bowl is more than  a football game. It is a time where we judge all of our fellow professionals and their decision making in creating either the best or the worst Super Bowl commercials.

Budweiser’s Best Buds commercial made us cry (if you didn’t cry watching this you have no soul) and the commercial for Dove’s Men Plus Care was a decent. We even got a good laugh out of FIAT’s commercial about a car popping viagra pills and the Snickers Brady Bunch mash-up.

There were some commercials that did not spark humor. Like Nationwide’s commercial about preventable accidents. While this commercial was sad to watch, it’s a harsh reality that needed to be touched on.

The commercial that took the cake for us was Coca-Cola’s Make It Happy commercial. This ad touched on bullying but it was more of a call to action. Coca-Cola encouraged those who see negative tweets to reply with #MakeItHappy and they’ll do the rest! Check out some of their #MakeItHappy tweets below:

The worst commercial goes out to Nissan’s With Dad commercial. Can’t help but think they just really wanted to make a “dad” commercial like everyone else. The commercial was way too long and it had to be watched multiple times to understand it. Quite frankly, I still don’t get it!

What were some of your best and worst commercials? Comment below.